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September 2022 Horoscopes: Royals and Receipts
Episode 2529th September 2022 • Astrology Zoned: A Susan Miller Fan Podcast • Laura von Holt, Alex Gershuny
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There’s a lot to celebrate this month, Virgo! You should expect money, career success, and even fleets of Cupids! Susan Miller wants to know all about the dream in your heart so that you can get on the path to seeing it come true. Even Mercury retrograde isn’t going to get in the way of your cash infusion and booming career this September. 

As always, Laura and Alex cover Susan’s note to her readers (the Businesswoman is the star, even if the gals have no plans to purchase an NFT or join Discord) and everything that Taurus and Scorpio need to know this Virgo season. However, they begin this episode with a discussion of current events: the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The gals give their thoughts on Charles, the fate of the corgis, and the Queen’s sun sign. And out of deference to the Queen, no hot takes are shared this month (too much snark for such a sad day). But don’t worry because hot takes were shared earlier in the day… when Laura was on the local news! 

Laura and Alex discuss the following at these timestamps: 

Note from Susan Miller: 21:42

Virgo: 26:23

Taurus: 32:49

Scorpio: 39:52

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