70. The Impact of Diversity in Fintech with Drew Glover
8th March 2023 • The Tech Money Podcast • Malcolm Ethridge
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The Fintech sector is responsible for the rapid transformation and digitalization of financial tools that help consumers intelligently manage and understand their money. Making an incredibly positive impact, financial services companies distance consumers from the legacy banking system and provide access to historically underrepresented communities. Despite this progress, it is a well known fact that a disproportionate number of entrepreneurs and decision makers within Fintech do not adequately reflect their consumer base. In light of this, there are calls for diversifying all levels of the industry to build a more inclusive financial system.

When financial service products are developed through a narrow lens of beliefs, experiences, and assumptions, underbanked or marginalized communities may be affected in unintentional ways. Alternatively, financial tools built with a broader lens adequately predict these impacts and may ultimately translate to a stronger bottom line. Techworkers of today have a unique opportunity to rewrite a stained past of discriminatory financial practices by designing and marketing the inclusive financial tools of tomorrow. The diversification of perspectives within the Fintech community will provide immense benefit to US consumers as well as increase a solution’s marketability to a global audience.

In this episode, Malcolm sits down with Drew Glover, Founding Partner at Fiat Growth, a strategic marketing shop working with some of the largest fintech, insurtech & rewards brands such as Chime, Lemonade, and Motley Fool. With the vision to scale products accessible to all, Fiat Growth aligns the most impactful companies to collaborate and empower the global consumer, regardless of socioeconomic status. Drew focuses on providing growth, mentorship, and venture capital to start-ups that help streamline and diversify the FinTech acquisition funnel. He believes that everybody deserves access to financial tools that build wealth and simplify life.

Drew Glover discusses:

  • What legacy banking systems get wrong about serving underbanked communities
  • What it means to earn the right to invest in a startup
  • The rise of affinity based fintechs
  • What other problems fintech is close to solving

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About Our Guest:

Drew is a Founding Partner of Fiat Growth and General Partner at Fiat Ventures. He is no stranger to the world of growth, technology, and marketing. From his time at Steady where he led marketplace development and growth to Namely, Fjord, and Portal A, he navigated the ins and outs of Go-to-Market strategies and user acquisition. He has helped companies like Root, JP Morgan Chase, adidas and Nike bring award-winning services and partnerships to market.