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Logistics & Beyond: Real is Rare with Michael Neme
1st December 2020 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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Michael Neme aka Midwest Mike is a sales and Supply Chain fanatic. Not a guru that talks at you, but a legit practitioner of the art of sales in Supply Chain. In this episode of Logistics & Beyond powered by Supply Chain Now, Mike shares his mindset with host Jamin Alvidrez and some of the keys to his passion: Supply Chain Consultative Sales.

Michael Neme is a Franchise/Agent owner with GlobalTranz and VP of Supply Chain Solutions at Hook Logistics, which allows him to give their customers a one-stop-shop for all and everything supply chain/ops and tech-related. Head down—all gas. No brakes are his motto, whether it is in his personal life or professional life. He has been in the industry for eight years and has worked for some top asset and non-asset-based 3PLs, giving him a deeper understanding on how both asset and brokerage works. In a traditionally transactional sales industry, he has never sold a transactional deal. He has and still always look at his customers' business like the way he looks at my own. “Let's set this up for the long game and make strategic decisions like playing chess, not checkers.” His goal is for his customers to have a person and team they can count on to continue to build out tailored and scalable solutions that enhance efficiencies and increase customer profitability.

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