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[Author Spotlight Series] - Gender Equality in the Church With Tanya Hendrix
6th March 2023 • The Power of Authority Spotlight • Michelle Prince
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Tanya Hendrix is an Associate Attorney at Hinson & Hinson, P.C., a law firm that provides comprehensive legal representation throughout northern Alabama for individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. She has focused her legal experience on representing clients in cases involving wills, estates, divorce, and custody. But beyond her legal expertise, Tanya has a unique perspective on the value and honor God gives women.

Tanya is the author of Equal Protection Under God: Gender Equality and Women's Roles in the Church, where she blended her faith, legal experiences, and work with abused and trafficked women to equip, enlighten, and empower them since she believes that knowledge is power. She is also a certified Guardian Ad Litem and registered mediator and lives in Huntsville with her husband, Ron, and dogs, Sinatra and Georgia.

In this episode…

Women often feel unseen and unvalued. They are afraid to speak out or step out because of it. So, where can they get the support they deserve to live with honor?

As a woman of faith in the conservative and evangelical church, Tanya Hendrix has personally felt the effects of unequal treatment by church leadership. After studying God and the Bible, she discovered that God values and honors women. Tanya is now on a mission to support and educate women to live in the freedom of God’s everlasting love through her Bible study and books, as she believes that God sees and values women.

In this episode of The Power of Authority Spotlight, Michelle Prince welcomes Tanya Hendrix, Associate Attorney at Hinson & Hinson, P.C., to discuss the importance of valuing and honoring women. Tanya talks about how she got into the legal profession, where she focuses on helping victims of sexual assault and sex trafficking, the impact of her book Equal Protection Under God, and the Bible study she is about to launch.