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What A Down To Earth Sales Guy Looks Like - Jason Walker, Enterprise AE, Go1
Episode 7313th July 2022 • Stories of Selling Human • Alex Smith
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Jason Walker is described by his colleagues as a "Down to Earth Seller". He describes himself on LinkedIN as The Conscious Seller and an LMS Whisperer. He showed me how he is all these things and more in our conversation.

So much of sales is making people feel that they have someone that cares about them and Jason goes even farther with an approach that says - his client's deserve someone that cares about their problems. His approach to sales is framed by his personal life and he translates that into what he does every day.

This conversation we chat about how he uses experiences in his personal life to inform his sales approach, how he connects with people that may not always want to open up, and what he does to frame problems in a relatable way. Stay to the end and you'll meet Jason's family through a funny family picture that may or may not involve multiple middle fingers. Down to earth through and through!

Key Moments:

03:33 - We're all human and want to be treated the same way. Framing and solving problems in a clear way. (Jason's only job)

8:59 - How Jason's experiences have lead him here and what characteristics have really informed how successful he is in sales. Jason's personal story of how he understands people.

15:12 - A fun line Jason uses to break the ice on calls

17:51 - When people don't connect with Jason what he does. Overwhelming with value so they can trust him a little.

20:00 - Jason's line about how he frames problems using a CD example

35:10 - Something that is so totally Jason.

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