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What Were We Thinking!?! - Podacity Media 4th March 2020
The Halloween Throwback!
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The Halloween Throwback!

This Week:

Mcdogs weather sound effects - it's raining in the studio!

The way women talk when they're alone together?!? 

Mcdogs perception of lesbian sex... Is he right? 

Our 'exciting' Halloween! 

Anands 6 yr old nephew calls in about his new book

Mcdog has a new job! (again:) 

The last, last Star Wars movie... and Terminator 3

Can a good looking, fit man also be 'funny' ? 

After so many years of comedy, is there any way a comedian can avoid accidentally 'reusing' jokes?  

Louis CK - still a thing? 

Anand helps us understand tantra and Divali... It's now what we thought. 

Are we so 'old' we have to wear sport jackets to get noticed?  

Who the hell is today's version of Lionel Richie (and does anyone care??) 

The Preservation Hall Jazz Band - some awesome stuff recorded live - but we don't get to it till the very end of the show

Earl's Mindfulness classes and the unshriveling rasin

Even Kayla, the Millennial Unit doesn't get Tik Tok

...and more bizarre nonsense to chuckle about.