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DIJ Ep 6: Africans in America, Hip Hop, Liberation, and Audible Shaming w Jomo Kheru (Brian Carey Sims)
Episode 614th January 2022 • Dive-In-Justice • Shadiin Garcia & Delma Jackson
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Shadiin and Delma open up by discussing whiteness. From Jan 6, to friendships, to dating, to work life and beyond. They discuss how aging impacts our ability to show up and hold difficult spaces-even when they're filled by people who look just like us. Our fearless hosts reflect on the enraging nature of trying to figure out the nuances of community while trying to live in white supremacy.

DIJ welcomes to the show Jomo Kheru (Brian Carey Sims): founder and executive director at Jomoworks, which combines the knowledge and expertise of a research institute with the skills of an education management consulting firm to serve as a trusted partner to school districts and universities worldwide.

Jomo Kheru (Brian Carey Sims) is a media psychologist and social entrepreneur invested in African liberation with over 15 years of faculty and administrative experience in university teaching and learning, faculty governance, and social and instructional media. He is founder and executive director at Jomoworks, an education management consulting firm specializing in University / K-12 partnership development.  He is also a tenured Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Florida A&M University where his research focuses on the implications of media for individuals, families, and communities of African descent.

We discuss everything from Hip Hop to African Liberation, Metaphysics, and the broadness of the human experience binding us all together.