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YMB #140 How to add wonder to your Morning Time
Episode 14012th September 2023 • Your Morning Basket • Pam Barnhill
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In this episode of Your Morning Basket, host Pam Barnhill is joined by Betsy Cypress, the newest Your Morning Basket team member. Pam and Betsy introduce the Wonder World Podcast for kids. Pam records the show with her daughter Olivia each week, while Betsy is the researcher and writer behind each episode. Episodes explore fascinating topics, including historical events, science, and fun trivia. 

The Wonder World podcast aims to spark curiosity and encourage listeners to learn about various subjects, covering everything from roller coasters and sports to culture and history. Pam and Betsy also share tips for engaging reluctant writers, discuss the benefits of Wonder World, and highlight the power of podcasts in facilitating fun and engaging learning experiences. Join them for a delightful and informative conversation about a new show that will inspire and entertain the entire family.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Wonder World podcast covers many topics, including fun holidays, history, science, poetry, jokes, and trivia.
  • The goal of the podcast is to provide education in a fun and exciting way for curious kids and their families.
  • Wonder World is mentioned as a "ready-made morning time" resource that can be listened to during lunch, extending the listening experience.
  • The podcast aims to provide enjoyable learning experiences beyond what can be found in textbooks.
  • Find the Wonder World Podcast here.
  • Find the Wonder Kids Club here.

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