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Trailer10th June 2022 • How to Take the Lead • Lee Griffith and Carrie-Ann Wade
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Welcome to How To Take The Lead, our new podcast series exploring all things leadership. After five successful Insta and LinkedIn live series, we have decided to bring you all the good stuff as a podcast. No corporate talk here, just us, debunking myths, sharing our experiences and giving you practical tips. We might even get on our soapbox every now and then.

Between us we have extensive leadership and communications experience. How to Take the Lead offers you an insight into our approach and thoughts on leadership, all with the aim of challenging the ways things have always been done and promoting the modern leader.

New episodes will be released every Thursday at 6am and you can listen and download from your favourite platform.

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In the first episode of the series we will talking about leadership superpowers. Do you have one? Do you know how to use it? Join us to find out more and until then, get out there and take the lead.

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Lee Griffith 0:00 

Myths and stereobites. Stereotypes.

Carrie-Ann Wade  0:06 

Stereobites? I love a stereobite!

Lee Griffith  0:07 

Welcome to How To Take The Lead, our new podcast exploring all things leadership. I'm Lee Griffith, former corporate communications and engagement director now turned leadership strategist and coach, who helps new established and aspiring CEOs to maximise their impact.

Carrie-Ann Wade  0:24 

And I'm Carrie Ann Wade, communications and engagement director and founder of Cat's Pajamas. I mentor communications professionals to support them to grow and thrive in their careers.

Well, we've known each other for almost a decade.

Lee Griffith  0:39 


Carrie-Ann Wade  0:40 

I know, how has that happened?

Lee Griffith  0:40 

I know!

Carrie-Ann Wade  0:40 

We were colleagues in different organisations who often met up after work to put the world to rights over a gin or two.

Lee Griffith  0:46 

Or three!

When we set up our own businesses, we wanted to continue the conversations we've been having about leadership but we wanted to get more people involved and really start to challenge the way things are done.

Carrie-Ann Wade  0:57 

So we stepped outside of our comfort zone and started going live on Instagram and LinkedIn to do just that. And after five successful series over there, we're here on a podcast.

Lee Griffith  1:08 

If you're looking for corporate BS and management speak, then I'm really sorry you're in the wrong place.

Carrie-Ann Wade  1:15 

Instead, every week we'll be focusing on a different part of leadership, questioning everything we've ever learned.

Lee Griffith  1:21 

We'll be debunking those myths and stereotypes that's holding back change.

Carrie-Ann Wade  1:24 

And we'll be baring all with our own stories and experiences to show that you can do leadership your own way.

Lee Griffith  1:29 

Expect us to get on our soapboxes.

Carrie-Ann Wade  1:32 

You will, you definitely will!

Lee Griffith  1:32 

I will! Share what we're loving and hating in leadership world and giving you practical tips and advice that you can take forward in your own way.

Carrie-Ann Wade  1:40 

New episodes will be released every Thursday at 6am and will be available on your favourite podcast app, or however you'd like to listen

Lee Griffith  1:47 

Make sure you hit subscribe to receive new and bonus episodes whenever they're released.

Carrie-Ann Wade  1:52 

If you like what you hear, please rate or leave a review.

Lee Griffith  1:54 

And most importantly, we'd love for you to share your own thoughts and stories on the topics we cover.

Carrie-Ann Wade  1:59 

Use the hashtag how to take the lead or tag a DM either of us.

Lee Griffith  2:02 

We're on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter and all our links can be found at

Carrie-Ann Wade  2:08 

So until our next episode, get out there and take the lead!