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Love Crucified - Love Crucified Community 23rd March 2020
Receive My Tears
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Receive My Tears

Lourdes Pinto —

The Lord's message of 3/21/20 

Receive My tears as one with Mary’s. The world continues to live detached from God. This state of humanity is what is empowering Satan and all his dominions. The darkness is Satan and all his lies. The darkness is his evil that only desires to destroy lives. I shed tears as I continue to watch humanity not turn their gaze towards Me. My little one, the world must be brought to its knees. When they lose everything, then some will turn to Me. This is the time of great mourning, but also of hope, for the God of Mercy will intervene and give humanity a last chance to repent. I desire My faithful mustard seed to cry with Me and suffer as one with Me to obtain the graces of repentance for many souls who otherwise will be lost for all eternity. Do not fear, for I am with you. You (LC) have found favor with God and He listens to the cry of your hearts.​

Remain faithful to all I have taught you;

Remain faithful to how I have formed you, for the power to defeat Satan and all his principalities is only through Love. 

Remain steadfast as I continue to guide you on the path of total transformation in Me, and you(LC), along with My faithful remnant, will defeat Satan and cast him into hell and usher in My era of peace.

Remain faithful in living and teaching My path to the few willing to be transformed into Love. 

Remain to console My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of My Mother as the Light of the world is hidden for a certain amount of time. It is now the time I have prepared you to be My light, for I live in you (plural). 

​Be at peace as the darkness grows darker, for God will save the world through His little remnant of victim souls. Tell My community to seek Me and find Me hidden in their hearts, for I will reveal, at the designated time, My light through My living hosts. Know that I am pleased with the few that have responded to My call for these end times. Know and rejoice that you are counted among the few, therefore, continue to persevere on the path of crucifixion so that the salvation of the world can be fulfilled through you, with you and in you—My apostles of the end times. I bless you (pl.) with My precious Blood and My Mother’s tears for the fulfillment of My mission.