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Episode 1418th March 2022 • Academic Aunties • Ethel Tungohan
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Conference season is almost upon us! And man oh man, do we have a lot to say about academic conferences. Conferences are a crucial part of academics’ professional trajectories. In theory, these are the spaces where we’re supposed to present our work, engage with scholars in our field to make potential contacts for collaborations, and to find out new ideas that can help inform our own work! And yet, conferences are not always easy for many of us. For some, our experiences in conferences can encourage us to carry on in academia. For others, they can be the catalyst to actually leave, given that they can, at times, harm us in ways that make clear that we’re not welcome in these spaces.

Joining us to talk about all of this are our guests, Dr. Anita Girvan, an Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies at Athabasca University, and Dr. Catherine Clune-Taylor, an Assistant Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies at Princeton University.

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