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I am in the making - Intro
Episode 128th January 2021 • In the Making • P2C-S Podcast Network
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Hello! I’m your podcast host, Selina. When someone says, “Tell me about yourself,” I never quite know how to answer because there are so many things that make up my identity. I'm a third-culture woman of colour who is apparently an Enneagram 7, an enthusiast who loves to indulge. I love food, nature, fun and friends. But my most important identity is a child and friend of God. 

In this first episode of In the Making, get to know your newest podcast host, Selina, as she shares her journey of being in the making. 

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Produced by Selina and the P2C-S Podcast Network. Sound editing by Laura Saad. Check us out at @p2cspods on Instagram.