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47. Stop Treating Your Podcast Episodes Like Google. Why "How to" Podcast Content Won't Convert Your Listeners into Paying Clients.
Episode 473rd April 2023 • Mama Turned Mompreneur - Work from home moms | Moms in business | Coach for moms • Andria Singletary | Business Coach for Moms, Life Coach for Moms
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Hey, Mama! Have you fallen into the routine of creating "how to" content for your podcast episodes? Creating "how to" content tends to be our go to for content creation because it's easy to come up with. However, when we fall into this habit, we end up treating our podcast episodes like Google. We create a situation in which we only share the process or the features of our offers with our audience, which honestly won't convert them into paying clients. In today's episode, I share what it means to treat our podcast episodes like Google and why this approach won't convert our listeners into clients.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What it means to treat your podcast episodes like Google
  • Why "how to" content won't convert your listeners into paying clients and interferes with signing premium clients
  • What type of content you should be creating for your podcast
  • Examples of the type of content that will convert your listeners into paying clients

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