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Product Marketing - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 30, 20th November 2020
Product Marketing Insider | Amy Shortman, Overhaul
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Product Marketing Insider | Amy Shortman, Overhaul

We caught up with Amy Shortman, Director of Product Marketing at Overhaul, a product marketer with a diverse career spanning 23 years. Amy discussed her initial exposure to the product marketing role, areas she’d like to see change within product marketing, and also offered her expertise for prospective PMMs who are considering entering the industry. Enjoy these talking points, and much more, in this episode of Product Marketing Insider.


"I think one of the interesting things about product marketing is I didn't really know that it existed certainly not at the beginning of my career, but it was always something that I was drawn to. And now I understand the kind of components that make up product marketing. It's much more evident to me that naturally I would have found it at some point."