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Agnes Kozera Helps You Find Sponsors For Your Podcast
Episode 2329th April 2021 • Profit From Your Podcast • Dave Jackson
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Today I am joined by Agnes Kozera from 

Porcorn can be used to find sponsors for your show, but also if you are trying to get in front of your target audience, you might consider being a sponsor/brand and sponsor other similar podcasts. 

SPONSOR: Check out the Book Profit From Your Podcast: Proven Strategies to Turn Listeners into a Livelihood 

A great book to help you gain insights into what IS WORKING in podcasingt when it comes to making money.

Other topics include:

00:55  How Long Has Podcorn Been Around?

01:24  How Big of An Audience Do You Need?

02:20  Do I Have To Use CPM?

04:09  Get Paid To Do Interviews?

06:03  FTC Disclosure?

07:38  Getting Paid

08:31  Proposal Process

10:01  Growing Your Audience

10:34  What Kind of Budget Do I Need?

11:49  Safeguards Are In Place

12:41  Common Mistakes?

13:54  Do The Work

14:44  Audio Fingerprinting

15:14  Do Your Homework

16:04  Types of Advertisements

17:43  What are the Fees?

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