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Use Anchoring to Build a Strong Life Foundation w/Helena Smolock
Episode 302nd November 2022 • SoloMoms! Talk • J. Rosemarie
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The solo mom experience no matter how long ago it happened leaves a lasting impression. Because that experience gives us the ability to reach into the very depths of our being and pull out the strength and tenacity necessary to raise children solo.

Today's interview is with Helena Smolock who is no longer a solo mom but she shares what that period of her life was like. I'm happy to share these interviews with women who have gone through the experience and come out on the other side better, stronger, and more alive. Living life on their own terms.

These stories are relevant because we know a change is coming to our lives. It won't always be a struggle. We can learn that from others.


09:56 - Develop a foundation and remain anchored

11:05 - Reflect on positive lessons learned from older relatives

12:48 - Find your anchor through faith

20:20 - Recognize the journey that you're on

25:40 - Encourage open communication with your kids

28:37 - Developing your own anchor

Connect with Helena: Instagram: @velocityrocks|Twitter: @velocityathlete | LinkedIn: Helena Smolock at Velocity Athletic Training | website

Bio: Helena Smolock CPT- RNC, Founder and President of Velocity Athletic Training has over 35 years’ experience in the Fitness Industry. Her journey as a Track Athlete in High School led her to a rewarding career in Fitness. (Cont'd)

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