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4 Ways to Get More Leads from Your Website to Grow Your Online Business
Episode 388th June 2022 • Business and Breakthroughs • Kristin Fitch - Online Systems Coach, Online Traffic Coach, Faith led Entrepreneur, Online Growth Coach
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Most of us want more leads but often we think we are already doing what we are supposed to do to get leads and wonder why we aren't getting many people to sign up.

It's easier than you think to grow your leads and the best place to do so is your website- you have full control over your website and email list unlike social media platforms which ar always changing and your audience could be turned off tomorrow on those platforms.

Let's learn to put a little more effort into our websites to grow our business and audience so we can protect those relationships, and the communication we have with our audience.

On today's episode you will learn 4 ways you can get leads from your website or how you can make tweaks to these 4 ways if you are already doing these things now.

We will discuss popups, alert boxes, freebies and lead magnets, sharing exclusive or beehind the scenes content and in-line and unlock content on today's episode.

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