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412: What is Market-based Rate Authority (MRA)? Jesson Bradshaw of Energy Ogre
Episode 4122nd November 2021 • SunCast • Nico Johnson
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In Today's Tactical Tuesday we spend 15 minutes diving into the reality of deregulated markets with of Jesson Bradshaw of Energy Ogre. Most of us in the US do not have choice when it come to who powers our homes. But in Texas, and a several other "choice markets" (deregulated energy markets), energy is as competitive as telecom services. Much like the airline industry and natural gas, deregulation can bring lower prices to the consumer. But there's still no for powering your home. The information is still hard for the consumer to understand and therefore, hard for them to make well informed choices. Energy Ogre aims to educate the consumer so they can, in fact, choose an energy plan that it is in their best interested.

Jesson talks about how "light handed" regulation states like Texas helps lower the barrier of entry to new ideas, projects and companies. Not only does that mean a chance to offer a revolutionary service or product to the community, but when it's done right, it can also yield big job markets. Cloud based data is also leveling the playing field and smart meters bring fair and accurate billing to the customer. This episode is a crash course in working in deregulated markets. Listen now, because if you don't live in one yet, you might soon!


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