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The Benefits of PLAY
Episode 325th June 2019 • Parenting with PLAY! • Helena Mooney
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Play is so powerful in helping your children with aggressive behaviour, sibling rivalry, toilet training, whining, etc, as well as feelings of anxiety and fears.

It's also incredibly helpful for you too - to help you re-connect with your child so you can better support them with whatever is going on.

In this episode I talk about:
  • how play helps your children
  • when you can use it
  • an overview of the types of play
  • a fun game everyone loves
  • why play is great for you too.

Are you wanting to start transforming your everyday parenting challenges with connection & fun? Click here to download 5 easy games - they're fun, quick & free!

If you'd like to ask a question for me to answer in an episode, please submit a question here. If you're struggling with a particular challenge, it's guaranteed others are too, so don't be shy!

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