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Special Episode: The Mindfulness Movement with Rob Beemer
14th May 2020 • Everyday Mindfulness Show • Holly Duckworth
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Mindfulness is the quality of attention. Holly hosts a special episode as she interviews Rob Beemer about The Mindfulness Movement documentary now available for rental or purchase. Rob is an Emmy-nominated and award-winning television and film documentary producer, director and writer. He has been making documentaries for more than 25 years, including several feature length documentaries and more than 200 hours of network and cable TV programming in a variety of documentary and reality genres. He is the CEO of Interesting Stuff Entertainment On May 22, 2020, join Holly along with Eric Szymanski of Leadership Solutions International for a special VIP screening with a Q&A session with Rob and some of the participants from the movie. Click here to rent the movie and register for the VIP screening. Rob shares much of his experience with mindfulness, meditation and how the movie came to be. His best advice is “Our minds are going to wander – be gentle with yourself as you navigate building your own practice.” And, watch the movie! The VIP session is brought to you by the C-Suite Network Mindful Leadership Council. Remember, Mindfulness Matters and so do YOU. Find more resources at The Everyday Mindfulness Show.