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17. Making Waves: Community, Sustainability, and Life Transformation with Elana Jadallah
Episode 1718th September 2020 • The Good Dirt: Sustainable Living Explained • Lady Farmer
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Mary and Emma sit down with Elana Jadallah (@elanaloo), a photographer, educator, marketing strategist and environmental advocate. From her time spent living in Hawaii, Elana eloquently shares her journey through raising awareness of the plastic pollution affecting our oceans through the awakening of the truth of her own contributions. Elena encourages listeners to realize that although you may be part of the problem, you can also be part of the solution by shopping locally and seasonally and consuming clothing made of raw materials.

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4:44 - The ALMANAC - a new Lady Farmer project

Let’s get into the interview

7:40 - Intro to Elana

9:00 - What is sustainable business?

12:40 - Finding your purpose and deepening it

19:00 - Realizing you are part of the problem and becoming part of the solution

25:46 - Phases of Activation

29:50 - Microplastics in “earth-friendly” clothing

42:00 - Questioning your consumption habits during the pandemic

46:00 - Cutting down your carbon footprint - Where does our food come from?

1:05:00 - Taking on the responsibility of our choices and taking action

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