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Beyond the goal: Presence & Pleasure with Graeme Waterfield
Episode 427th September 2023 • Love, Sex & Intimacy • Sarah Rose Bright
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Excited to share this episode with my partner and co-teacher, Graeme Waterfield.  We love chatting about intimacy, sex and pleasure and have conversations like this all the time. We share some of the common themes that we experience in our work and also explore what is possible when you shift your attention from goal based sex to presence and pleasure. 

We explore:

  • What is possible beyond the goal based pleasure that most people learn.  
  • How most people learn to ‘do’ sex and the limitations of that
  • Why mainstream sex advice is misguided
  • What is possible when we drop inside and meet each other from that place
  • The role of the nervous system in connection and arousal 
  • We are now bringing our decades of experience and our 5 years exploring and growing together to our couples programme, INTIMACY which starts September 2023. At the end of the conversation we share about INTIMACY with a special offer for those listening to this episode!

You can read all about INTIMACY here.

After reading the info, if you have any additional questions or you would like to book a 30 minute call with Graeme and I to see if INTIMACY is right for you both, please message me.  

About Graeme

With 20 years of experience as a teacher and coach and having been on his own 30 year journey, Graeme Waterfield has come to see what helps people evolve and heal physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

Being a qualified Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gung & Meditation teacher with a background in counselling, Graeme offers completely unique packages of somatic, psychological and energetic tools to help you transform yourself and your life to become everything you want to be.

He has come to see that we all have a unique set of skills, our own unique soul expression or purpose. Once we can awaken and identify this, we can turn our life into a masterpiece. Graeme noticed that people often don’t maximise their potential as human beings because they haven’t yet learnt to harness their mental, emotional and spiritual power.

This is how he can help support you in your own growth. Showing you how to access your highest, most profound levels of thought and being. To help you break free of self-imposed limitation and create your own unique experience of heaven on earth in your relationships, work and life.

‘Actualise yourself,’ was Steve Jobs’ final instruction to all who attended his Stamford memorial service. ‘Self-actualisation’ is the name western psychology gives to personal enlightenment. It states that if we don’t become everything we are capable of being, we will feel like a failure and live an unfulfilled life.

As your trainer, Graeme will guide you into this self-actualisation and show you how to meet your greatest potential as a human being. Using ancient technologies and modern psychological approaches to awaken your inner potential, supporting you in finding the power to overcome adversity and maximise all areas of your life.



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Your podcast host is Sarah Rose Bright. Sarah is an Intimacy and Sex Coach who helps women & couples to truly enjoy sex and pleasure and create/deepen intimate relationships that are passionate, happy and healthy so that they can feel good about who they are. 




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