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303. Building a Modern, Profitable Law Practice with Lauren Lester & Jessica Bednarz
Episode 3037th February 2022 • The Law Entrepreneur • Sam Mollaei and Neil Tyra
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Today I have two guests - Lauren Lester and Jessica Bednarz. Lauren is an attorney operating outside of Denver, Colorado, and has a client based law firm focusing on Family Law principally. It's really interesting how she structured her law firm to be client centered and to take full advantage of the limited scope opportunities and productize the packaging of legal services to meet her client needs. Jessica has formerly worked  with the Chicago Bar Association, and then went on to work for the Chicago Bar Foundation.  She now works in the incubation program leading that program for CBF and helps to turn out new law firms that get away from the billable hour model and are doing a similar thing to what Lauren was doing with her practice in Colorado. Now they've teamed up, and amongst other things, are offering some services and resources known as on purpose legal services. I think it's a fascinating mixture of the two. And I hope you enjoy hearing about it as much as I did learning.


In this episode, Neil, Lauren, and Jessica discuss:

  • Reasons you may decide to go into your own law firm.  
  • Looking outside of the law field to see what you like when designing your business or pricing structure. 
  • Client-centered communication and guides. 
  • Creating modern, profitable law firms. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Build a business that you would want to be a client of. 
  • Have open dialogue with clear language when communicating with your clients regarding payment and expectations. 
  • Be open to opportunities as they come up, taking care of clients is not a risk. 
  • D


"What we're trying to do is create resources for lawyers, so that they can create modern practices that are client-centric, profitable, and, at the same time, also support their well being. At the end of the day, we want the legal profession to remain healthy and relevant as the legal profession plays a really important part in society." —  Jessica Bednarz

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