Powerful Lessons from Women in Leadership
Episode 429th March 2023 • Blackletter • Thomas Dunlap
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In this special episode of the Blackletter podcast, we celebrate the trailblazing women who have spoken on the show over the years. Through their impactful stories and insights, these female leaders have demonstrated what it takes to succeed in the legal and business worlds. Tune in to hear their inspiring tales of overcoming challenges, breaking down barriers, and making a difference in their fields.

S2E8 with DeAnna Burke (0:44)

How can someone run a firm and manage people as a female business leader? 

This segment of the podcast features a clip of an interview with DeAnna Burke, an attorney for Dunlap, Bennett, and Ludwig. On Season 2, episode 8, she and Tom speak about the leadership processes involved in managing a law firm. 

DeAnna explains that when managing many people, all with different personalities – the best thing to do is to understand what people are doing, gain their trust, and build a trustworthy reputation as a leader. She also discusses how she continued learning on the job and the importance of people at all levels being involved in the work process to fully understand situations and be able to solve challenges.

S6E5 with Ingrid Vandervedlt (3:26)

How should leaders plan to gain socioeconomic impact?

On season 6, episode 6, Tom chats with Ingrid Vanderveldt, who was the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Dell before becoming the founder and current CEO of Empowering a Billion Women, an organization dedicated to creating global market impact through empowering women entrepreneurs, leaders, and advocates. 

Together Tom and Ingrid discuss her socioeconomic work and her organization’s plans to meet goals and make an impact in the financial market. Ingrid explains the steps involved in this process and how her business leverages platforms to create commerce and make a greater impact in the marketplace. She also discusses her organization’s partial debt funding for women-empowered businesses.

S6E4 with Sabrina Shafer (7:43)

What steps should leaders take to innovate and succeed in business? 

Tom sat down with Sabrina Shafer on season 6, episode 4 of Blackletter, where they spoke on digital marketing and transformation. Sabrina is the owner of Transformation Continuum, a consulting firm focused on digital transformation and enablement.

According to Sabrina, you have to be honest to make an impact and innovate to succeed in business. This means being honest about your brand, who you’re trying to target, and your demographic. She explains that from there, you can make appropriate steps to success using data and other valuable analytic tools. Additionally, they discuss the importance of having a solid team to execute business plans.

S7E14 with Christine Nichlos (11:33)

What is the answer to The Great Resignation for business leaders? 

Within season 7 episode 14 of the Blackletter podcast, Tom is joined by Christine Nichols, CEO of talent acquisition company People Science. Together they share their thoughts on the challenges businesses are facing in a post-pandemic world.

Within this segment, Christine describes how businesses can improve their workforces and survive The Great Resignation. This includes the importance of re-evaluating your business before focusing on acquisition, recruitment, or retention. She also explains how leaders can rework their recruitment practices using technology.

S3E9 with Royce Warrick (15:12)

How do successful organizations approach infringements? 

This segment of the podcast features an excerpt from season 3, episode 9, where Tom interviews Royce Warrick about protecting intellectual property. Royce Warrick is senior vice president, general counsel, and corporate secretary for Solenis and is responsible for managing the company’s legal and governance matters.

Royce describes how Solenis defends its patents and trademarks and the procedures that they follow when they have to escalate a situation. This involves evaluating several factors involved in the situation, like the legal costs, the cost to the organization’s reputation, and the external and internal business value to determine if there is a financial benefit to conducting litigation to protect intellectual property.

S6E6 with Kristina Bouweiri (18:17)

What is the key to making a business thrive even through difficult economic times? 

This segment features a part of an interview with Kristina Bouweiri, owner of Reston Limousine. Together on Season 6, episode 6 of Blackletter, she and Tom spoke about her business transformation and success during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In starting and growing a company, Kristina has had a lot of experience in taking the initiative to fuel her business development. She discusses how fate and smart choices worked in her favor to help her win contracts and launch her business success. She speaks on the power of board-level networking and integrating herself into more communities to help her business grow.

S4E4 with Cherylyn Harley LeBon (24:13)

Under what circumstances would a company not want to apply for loan forgiveness?

Here the podcast circles back to a season 4 episode 4 interview with Cherylyn Harley LeBon, a lawyer with experience covering corporate, government contracting, and nonprofit organizations. Together Tom and Cherylyn discuss the CARES act and how it aids businesses in receiving loans.

In this audio clip, Cherylyn discusses the SBA’s business loan forgiveness guidelines. She stresses the importance of keeping proper records so that you can apply for forgiveness. Additionally, she advises small businesses to use their loan funds as intended, keep documentation to back up their actions, and follow business loan guidance.

S6E2 with Sharon Virts (27:26)

How can business leaders find ways to support their companies through tough times?

This episode's final segment features a conversation from season 6, episode 3, with Sharon Virts. Throughout the interview, Sharon shares her journey in starting her consulting company that helps government contractors find work in the federal government.

Sharon shares the business challenges she faced in 2001 when Mergers and Acquisitions almost killed her business. She describes how through market analysis and research, she discovered new ways for her company to stay afloat. Through thorough research on immigration vetting and fee-for-service work, she found a way to support her company’s success.