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How to Build a SaaS for the Healthcare and Work Safety Industry with Peter Jurisic | Podcast #42
Episode 4217th September 2020 • SaaS District • Akeel Jabber | Horizen Capital
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This episode is sponsored by The Product Onboarders, a startup that  helps B2B SaaS product owners identify conversion killers in their onboarding process so they can increase happy, activated users and gain more paying customers

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Peter is the founder of Luminous Communications, the Consulting MD of EZreferral & most recently the Co-founder & CEO of Budee Solutions, his broad base of experience includes: strategic planning, business workflow design, agile development, finance, raising capital, board governance, shareholder engagement, information technology, software development and deployment, sales management, change management, building partner networks globally, international sales, strategic planning, marketing, digital media, social media, inbound marketing, SEO, and, most importantly, customer engagement.

Peter describes himself as “always managed to attract talent”. The teams he has recruited have always helped every company meet and surpass their goals.

He has helped build successful businesses for over 30 years & his passion has always been the existing customer and the potential customer.

During this interview we cover:

  • 00:00 - The Product Onboarders Identify Conversion Killers in Your Onboarding Process so You Can Increase Happy, Activated Users and Gain More Paying Customers. (A Word From The Sponsor)
  • 01:22: - Intro
  • 02:30 - Peter’s Background & Entrepreneurial Journey
  • 06:56 - Common Denominators For SaaS Companies Struggling With Sales
  • 10:59 - Sales Hiring Strategies For SaaS 
  • 11:52 - Growing Sales From 700K to 4.2M For Software AbsorbSoftware
  • 16:16 - Running a Business Consulting Form For SMBs
  • 20:09  - Challenges Scaling EzReferral Pre & Post-COVID
  • 23:15 - Launching Budee, A Tech Solution For Workplace Safety
  • 30:17 - Leaders To Check Out
  • 31:55 - Get In Touch With Peter



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