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The Secret to Reducing Stress & Burnout in your Business with Jess Whatman
Episode 5114th March 2023 • The Property Management Podcast with That Property Mum • Kylie Walker
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We all know that property management is challenging, and many property managers leave because of stress and burnout. However, things are changing for the better. We see many coaches, trainers, and business owners stepping up to share their collective knowledge and provide solutions to the biggest challenges in property management. 

One of the biggest struggles, primarily for experienced property managers, is the ability to embrace change, especially when it comes to automation, software, tech solutions, and even offshore support. So how can we encourage property managers and business owners to try these solutions?

In this episode of The Property Management Podcast, Kylie interviews Jess Whatman, owner of AgentSync, a company that offers offshoring, system implementation, and automation services to streamline your processes. Jess combined her passion for real estate, her love of helping others succeed, and her two decades of real estate operations and offshoring experience to bring AgentSync to life. 

If you're interested in reducing stress and burnout in your business, tune in to this episode and discover what tools are available to enable your team to focus on supporting customers instead of sitting behind the desk doing mundane tasks. 

“If I say something where it's not necessarily the best option to offshore, maybe there's automation available, we'll go down that path, where that's best for the agency.”

- Jess Whatman

In This Episode:

- Meet Jess Whatman, owner of AgentSync Real Estate Offshoring & Systems Specialist

- What gap in the property management business does offshoring solve, and does it help companies retain their staff?

- What's causing stress and burnout in most businesses?

- The top AI and tech solutions that businesses should consider

- What was the property management industry like 20 years ago?

- What makes AgentSync solutions unique?

- The reason Jess started AgentSync

- Jess recommends resources for personal development

And more!!!


- Trello Project Management Tool

- PropertyMe Online PM Software

- Inspect Real Estate

- Create how-to guides with screenshots in seconds

- The 10X Rule (Audiobook) by Grant Cardone

- Make Maintenance Your Superpower with Tapi (Mention That Property Mum and receive one month free on Tapi)

- Rental Heroes

- Inspection Express

- The Tarsi Way


- That PM Planner

- Join Our Done for You Social Media Management Service

- The Growth School

- The Digital Marketing School

- Book a Strategy Call with Kylie

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