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15 | Dr. Gail Naas | My First Colonic Irrigation Experience
6th October 2021 • The Dr. Haley Show • Michael Haley
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On today’s show we are again joined by colon hydrotherapy expert Gail Naas. This is a follow-up show to episode 14, and in this one, Mike shares his first colonic irrigation experience with Gail.

Listening to today’s show will help you determine what exactly you can expect in your first ever colonic irrigation. 

Understandably, many of you would have apprehensions about going for a colonic irrigation. But listening to Mike and Gail today will surely assuage some of your biggest fears.

You will learn that a colonic irrigation with an experienced professional like Gail is an extremely comfortable and painless procedure.

Can you gain weight during colonic irrigation? Is it true that some people have, in fact, lost weight as well? And, is colonic irrigation better, more effective than an enema? 

For all this and much, much more, tune in to our latest show now.


What You Will Learn In This Show

  • What can you expect in colonic irrigation?
  • Why no two colonic irrigation sessions are ever the same
  • How long does a typical colonic irrigation session last?
  • Can you gain weight in colonic irrigation?
  • Why colonic irrigation is better, more effective than an enema
  • And so much more…