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No. 056 How to Book Engaging Podcast Interviews
27th April 2016 • The Showrunner • Rainmaker Digital LLC
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There is one way that stands above all others as the simplest way to build an audience of responsive and loyal listeners.

A path that removes the burden of constant content creation, places you at the forefront of a brand, and harnesses the power of experts and their audiences.

This path is an interview-based podcast. But how can you get started finding and booking guests for your podcast?

In this episode of The Showrunner, Jerod and Jonny go into depth on the essential steps necessary to book engaging interview guests for your podcast.

From tips to finding guests, to crafting your pitch to increase the odds of getting a yes, and all the way to tools you can use to make the process simple and effective.

Podcast recommendations:

For this week’s podcast recommendation, Jonny brings a great show for us Showrunners.

MegaMaker: A Punch in the Face

Jerod gets recommendation happy and brings us two great shows on originality:

TED Radio Hour: What is Original?

Unemployable: Brian Clark and Austin Kleon — Steal Like an Entrepreneur

The Show Notes

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