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What Do YOU Do? Podcast - The JAM Production Company EPISODE 6, 10th August 2019
Understanding the impact of the "Fight or Flight" response on your body with Mireille "Mim" Lavictoire, RMT
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Understanding the impact of the "Fight or Flight" response on your body with Mireille "Mim" Lavictoire, RMT

In this episode Matt flies solo, come join him having an enlightening phone conversation with a lifelong best friend Mireille “Mim” Lavictoire, an experienced and established Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) based in Burlington ON.  

The two cohorts have a conversation  about the innate response systems we have called “Fight or Flight” and “Rest & Digest” and how that impacts us unknowingly in our everyday lives.  The talk navigates its way into how breathing can impact our bodies as a result of these response systems and how this creates stress and discomfort in muscle tissue creating knots and tension.

Mim who has merged academic knowledge, informal learnings and growth opportunities and applied it to her daily profession as a successful RMT describes how she builds close but professional relationships with her clients in helping them heal their aches & pains. She also teaches and educates them how breathing and being mindful of their thoughts to understand how it impacts their physiology.

The duo, as always share amazing insights how to find fulfillment and rewards in our everyday lives.

You can reach Mireille “Mim” Lavictoire on her Facebook page 


Or by visiting her at:

Water’s Edge Salon and Spa

2097 Old Lakeshore Rd

Burlington ON L7R 1A4




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