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Episode 440 – We Swear Kevin Williams is Not Obscure
Episode 44022nd May 2023 • SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast • Sean McGinity
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This week we bring on Kevin Williams to the show. (0:32) We break down the beginnings of his excellent show with co-host Robert Harrison called InObscuria, a Podcast all about the Lost, the Forgotten, & the Should Have Beens in Rock, Punk and Metal. Kevin leads us through all that is Robert, and the steps that led to the show and what it is today, from his beginnings as a podcast fan of Decibel Geek and Pod Of Thunder to getting started with Robert and their unique chemistry on their own show.

Kevin’s is also a musician and currently plays with The Swear. (29:39) Kevin fills us in on everything about the band, from the inimitable Elizabeth Elkins on guitar and vocals, Kent Aberle on drums and Kevin himself on bass. We dive deep into music talk from his start, and hit up everything from songwriting, gear, and just how close his band was to being signed.

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