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How to Create a Content Subscription for Brands
Episode 12018th May 2023 • Cocktails & Content Creation • Cocktails & Content Creation
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Episode 120: How to Create a Content Subscription for Brands

Welcome to episode 120 of the Cocktails & Content Creation Podcast! For this episode, we’re going to talk about how to create a content subscription for brands with Alyssa Gordon of Alyssa Joy & Co. 

In our one-hundred-and-twentieth episode you’ll learn:

  • How moving to a subscription model can help your business
  • How Alyssa structured her subscriptions with her product photography clients and how it’s a great way to earn recurring revenue
  • The benefits from the client's perspective
  • How Alyssa manages multiple subscription clients and plans her time
  • A few mistakes she’s made along the way with her subscription clients
  • The nitty gritty details when it comes to cancellations

About our Guest:

Alyssa Gordon is the owner and stylist at Alyssa Joy & Co. where for the past 10 years she’s been helping product-based businesses capture their moment and dominate their webspace with beauty and intentionality. Whether she’s crafting a dream Instagram feed or coming up with your new brand identity, she’s always standing in your corner as a creative partner.

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