The TikTokking lady vicar who went viral on social media with the Reverend Anne Beverley
Episode 1512th July 2021 • The Courageous CEO • Janet Murray
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What can a female vicar teach you about blowing up on social media?

Quite a lot actually - as you’ll find out in this podcast interview with the Reverend Anne Beverley, whose TikTok videos have had millions of views.

Find out how she went viral on TikTok and get her tips for growing an engaged and loyal audience on social media (some of which may surprise you). 

While we focus on TikTok in this interview, the wisdom she shares can be applied to any social media platform. 

Key Moments

[4:18] Why the Reverend Anne Beverley decided to join TikTok

[5:44] Explanation of TikTok trending sounds and how they work 

[6:31] How people react to seeing a female vicar on TikTok

[7:43] The Reverend Anne Beverley’s first viral video 

[11:03] Viral content: the essential ingredients explained

[13:29]  The TikTok video the Reverend Anne Beverly is most proud of 

[18:43] Strategies for dealing with negative comments on social media 

[23:06] Tips on creating trending content for TikTok 

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