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Creating Success on Your Terms with Olga Kirillova - Ep. 92
Episode 9228th August 2023 • Secrets of the High Demand Coach • Scott Ritzheimer
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In this entrepreneurial episode, Olga Kirillova, Co-Founder of mettaCOaching, shares how she and her husband started a business in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic with very little resources, achieved success on their terms, and help other founders and leaders do the same.

In this episode you will discover:

- How to clarify the vision for what you truly want for your business

- Role of hard work in a lifestyle business

- How to find a profitable market as quickly as possible

Olga spent over a decade in business heading up teams and managing up to $2bn businesses within the likes of Adidas and Wayfair. But, she realized she just wanted to have more time for her family. So she and her partner started their own coaching business in 2020. They built a thriving business, without a website, without an email list, and with a horde of followers on Instagram. The best part was she could spend 8 months of the year traveling with her family, enjoying a flexible schedule while doing it all with lots of energy she has ever had. She now helps other founders, owners, and busy professionals create the life they truly desire.

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