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Learntokiz.com Podcast - Charles Ogar EPISODE 4, 5th February 2021
004: 4 Mental Spaces To Improve Follower Awareness
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004: 4 Mental Spaces To Improve Follower Awareness

In this episode, I share 4 mental spaces that followers (and leaders) should be aware of to level up your intention communication and reception.

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Who am I?

I am a danceprenuer (instructor, event organizer, DJ, mentor, & podcaster) that primarily works in the kizomba scene. I love nerding out on musicality, self-awareness, creativity, fundamentals, history, and more! I also run an online membership site for kiz tutorials dedicated to helping kiz dancers around the world level up their kiz skills at https://link.neokizomba.com/learntokiz.

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