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S5 Ep 14 - Prison Re-Entry Into Society College Program
Episode 1428th September 2021 • The 411 Live • The 411 Live
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Imagine a person who has spent several years of their life in prison. What do they do when they finally get out? Many feel although they have no life once they re-enter into society because of a lack of resources, job opportunities and an overall lack of confidence.

Now what if a person who spent that time in prison productively by taking education and guidance classes. When this person re-enters society, they have ambitions. They have a direction. They have confidence to be someone in society.

On this week’s episode of The 411 Live, Beverly Taylor talks to Dr. Robert Smith, director of Center for Urban Research’s teaching and outreach, Dr. Darren Wheelock, associate professor of social and cultural sciences, and Shar-Ron Buie, community liaison and EPP, to discuss the prison re-entry into society college program they conduct in the Milwaukee area and the great feats they have accomplished.

Dr. Robert Smith enlightens, “we are wasting so much human potential and human expertise because of the sickness that is that carceral system.”

Education is one of societies most important tools for empowerment, therefore, it needs to be offered and encouraged for those who require re-entry into society.

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