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chelek 16 vaerah 5 - 10 minute Summary -Rabbi Nechemia Deitsch
Episode 2610th January 2024 • Sicha Discourse • Project Likkutei Sichos
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This weeks Torah portion we speak about the first seven of the 10 plagues. That brought down Egypt. 

Some of the sages say that each plague was made up of four plagues for a total of 40 plagues, and some say that each plague was made up of five plagues, which would bring a total to 50 plagues what’s the logic behind this argument? 

and whats the take away.

‏ר׳ אליעזר אמר כל מכה של ארבע ורבי עקיבא אמר כל מכה של חמש וכו׳




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