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Why Improv is a Business Technique Featuring Bob Kulhan
Episode 59116th August 2021 • Smashing the Plateau • David Shriner-Cahn
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Bob Kulhan is an elite improviser, an adjunct professor at Duke Fuqua B-School, author of ‘GETTING TO YES AND’, and the Founder & CEO of Business Improv® – a 22-yr-old consultancy linking improvisation to business through behavioral sciences and ROI for blue-chip companies. BI is a world-class leader in experiential On-Site, Virtual (synchronous), Online (asynchronous), Blended (both), and Open Enrollment programs.

We discuss:

  • The human on the other side of the transaction [01:59]
  • A Sherpa’s level of customer devotion [04:00]
  • Bridging the gap between two cultures [06:55]
  • What it feels like to be thrilled at the core [10:09]
  • How coaches and consultants can improve their customer experience [11:30]
  • The weight of a long-term business relationship [14:08]
  • The benefit of having different custom segments [15:17]
  • Why it’s important to serve the customer earlier in their journey [17:43]
  • Why a client gravitates towards a particular coach or consultant [19:27]

Learn more about Bob at and LinkedIn.