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134: ‘The (Chaotic) State of the AEC Tech Industry, Part 2’, with Martyn Day
Episode 13417th October 2023 • TRXL • Evan Troxel
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Martyn Day of X3DMedia joins the podcast for part 2 of our conversation. In this episode we talk about the disruptive impact of AI on architecture, Autodesk's response to the Open Letters, software licensing, open standards, pros and cons of AEC’s shift to the cloud, the importance of BIM 2.0, challenges with technology moving too fast, prefab construction, the future of 2D drafting, challenges faced by software developers in the AEC space, the importance of customers being included during the software development cycle, digital twins, the problems with hype cycles in AEC tech, the future of the NXT BLD and NXT DEV conferences, and other topics.

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