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Seven easy ways to approach journalists
Episode 324th March 2020 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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In this episode I talk about seven easy ways to approach a journalist if you have a story about your pet business.

Often business owners can put off approaching the media as they think they need to have a PR company, or an expensive press pack, or a perfectly crafted press release.

But the reality is that all journalists are interested in is great ideas to entertain their readers.

Here are the key points if you'd like to skip forward:

1.30 - Follow the #journorequest hashtag on Twitter or in the US, #helpareporterout or #HARO

4.30 - The Facebook groups where journalists are hanging out looking for case studies and experts. I would recommend Feature Me (free) and Lightbulb (£5 per month).

7.31 - Look out for 'come ons' in the actual publication. These are short articles inside the newspaper or magazine where they ask readers to get in touch and provide an e mail address or phone number.

8.50 - How networking events can potentially connect you will journalists. Personal connections are powerful so ask how you can help them so they remember you.

10.45 - Have an elevator pitch ready - journalists like you to be succinct.

12.00 - Use connections with friends and family members who may know a journalist and can introduce you. You'll be one step ahead.

13.41 - Look at the regular pages and features in the publication and see where you fit in. Can you pitch to the business section or lifestyle pullout?

15.22 - What makes a great press release and how to put one together.

17.15 - Using the Press Release template and supporting e mails.

18.00 - Be creative and make sure you're giving journalists something of value, research the writer and what they cover, don't do the 'spray and pray' and your press release will stand a far better chance of landing.

Websites and links mentioned in this episode you may find helpful:

Sue McCabe in the Telegraph:

Press Release Template and e mail series:

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