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Getting Started
Episode 129th February 2024 • Good Enough Counsellors • Josephine Hughes
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In my work with counsellors, I find time and again that people struggle with getting started - especially with their counselling private practice. It's all very well in theory saying you're going to do something - but actually doing it can be much more difficult.

Today's episode is all about facing down the fears that might stop you from making that first step - and how to stay focused so that you can begin.

In Today's Episode:

  • The difficulty in receiving praise: how uncomfortable it can be to accept positive feedback that contradicts ingrained self-beliefs.
  • Embracing uniqueness: A central theme is recognising your unique life experiences and perspectives as strengths. I encourage you to appreciate your individual journey and see past hardships not just as obstacles but also as valuable tools for growth.
  • The power of personal experience in counselling: Personal struggles often foster deep empathy and understanding, making counsellors more effective in supporting clients. Examples include neurodivergent counsellors who can offer unique insights into client challenges.
  • Confronting cognitive dissonance: I discuss how you can fear your own potential more than any perceived inadequacy. This segment addresses the fear of rejection that holds you back from exploring your capabilities.
  • Encouragement for action-taking: I share my journey from feeling inadequate to stepping out of my comfort zone — highlighting the fun you can find in exploring your potential despite fear of criticism.

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