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Creating Sustainable Cities: The Architects' Perspective with MacIver-Ek Chevroulet, Nextcasts: METROPOLIS Episode 1, MacIver-Ek Chevroulet
19th October 2023 • Nextcasts • Swissnex in San Francisco
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Nextcasts: METROPOLIS Episode 1

In “Nextcasts: METROPOLIS Episode 1”, the CEO of Swissnex in San Francisco, Emilia Pasquier, talks with Anna MacIver-EK and Axel Chevroulet from MacIver-Ek Chevroulet, a Swiss architecture office. 

Anna, Axel, and Emilia cover a variety of topics, from the difference between Scandinavian and Swiss approaches over their project, “Pétanque Renanaise” and their general outlook on the future of cities. 


 The episode is part of the nextcasts METROPOLIS season, which is a piece of Swissnex in San Francisco’s 20-anniversary programming METROPOLIS. For two decades, Swissnex in San Francisco has connected the dots in Arts, Creatives, Academia, and Innovation between Switzerland and the US West Coast and continues to do so. Find out more about the METROPOLIS program and our 20-year anniversary on our website:

About Swissnex in San Francisco:

Swissnex in San Francisco is an initiative of the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research, and Innovation and is part of Switzerland’s network abroad managed by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. 

Our vision at Swissnex in San Francisco is to connect tomorrow by empowering the next generation of innovators to collaborate and create futures in which the planet and society thrive. We present a variety of programs in collaboration with Swiss partners for the next-gen innovators from Switzerland.

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