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The Flourishing Athlete - Matt Davis
13th January 2024 • MyoMinds Podcast • George Mycock
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Disclaimer - In this episode we talk about disordered eating, exercise, and body image issues. We also talk about general mental health struggles.

In this episode of the MyoMinds Podcast, George speaks with Matt Davis. Matt is a Registered Associate Nutritionist and the creator of The Flourishing Athlete; aiming to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts develop a positive relationship with food, body and self. Matt has struggled with his relationship with food and body image in the past and is passionate about helping athletes approach food and their body in a healthy way which supports performance, fitness and wellbeing. Having played elite level sport, been a fitness enthusiast and worked as a personal trainer and nutritionist, Matt promotes a predominantly non-diet, body neutral approach towards sports nutrition, fitness and performance. He believes that this education and support is needed in the sport and fitness space to reduce the prevalence of disordered eating, body image concerns and other risk factors for poor mental wellbeing in this population.

Listen to the episode to hear us discuss:

  • What the Flourishing Athlete is.
  • Why Matt decided to set it up.
  • Some of Matt's history with disordered eating, exercise and body image issues.
  • How identity plays a role in the negative sides of fitness.

Devils advocate question: Sure, some athletes will end up feeling down when behaving in these ways, but don’t you think that’s just part of the risk of striving for greatness?

You can find Matt here:

Instagram/Threads: @theflourishingathlete

Please remember that no episode of the MyoMinds Podcast can be used as a replacement for medical advice and/or care.