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Embracing Curiosity Without Shame
Episode 4624th May 2023 • Breaking Free Authentically: The Sex Positive Relationship Podcast • Karine Bedard
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Episode46: Embracing Curiosity Without Shame


Today my special guest is Choiwee Moon, the host of a podcast called "Sex With My Ex" where Kitty and Johnson talk about it all and are definitely not afraid to get curious.

She is a Trauma-informed Holistic Wellness Coach, Karuna Reiki Master and Pleasure & Intimacy Educator based in the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. She is passionate about guiding people back to regulation and peace within themselves and educating her clients on sexual wellness.

We discuss the sad reality that we have been conditioned to not be curious. We were curious as children and somewhere along the way, we were taught that curiosity is dangerous or shameful. We should just be content and do as we are told. Don't ask questions.

We are living in a society that is normalizing codependency. We get into relationships to be loved, when in reality, a relationship is actually a container to learn about ourselves and grow. We bring the love with us. Curiosity keeps the novelty alive in a relationship but it also is how you discover your pleasure and what lights you up.

Give yourself permission to be curious about what you desire, what you need, what you love, and what lights you up. Also, let's not forget to be curious in your sex life. It can change everything. NO SHAME!

If you would like to get in contact with Choiwee Moon, you can use the links below:




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Love, Karine

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