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S2E23: The Brain Behind - How Does Your Wealth Adviser Value-Add Beyond Providing Monetary Incentives?
Episode 2328th August 2023 • Providend's Money Wisdom • Providend Ltd
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In this fast-paced financial landscape where businesses are in pursuit of faster revenue, interactions between wealth advisers and clients are highly transactional such that the value is often placed on the sale of products and not actual advice itself.

In this episode, our CEO, Christopher Tan, shares what value you should be expecting from your adviser and emphasises the importance of consumers’ demands in improving the overall financial landscape. 

Meanwhile, stay tune for our next episode where we share our views on buying a car in Singapore, balancing lifestyle goals and financial considerations.

The host, Christopher Tan, is Chief Executive Officer of Providend, Singapore’s first fee-only wealth advisory firm and author of the book “Money Wisdom: Simple Truths for Financial Wellness”.

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