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Timely Advice for Influencing Change: Truth, Triggers & Getting Right With Yourself - 8
Episode 827th January 2021 • The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast • Laura Dawn, M.Sc
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During this time of significant change, we can learn to stay centered and resilient amidst the whirlwind of upheaval by asking ourselves what we choose to focus our awareness on and what we genuinely care about. 

These times are asking of us to turn our attention inwards, away from who’s right and wrong, fueling division and polarity, and train our minds and hearts to stay open and non-reactive to what’s unfolding around us. 

In this episode, Laura Dawn explores uncovering our truth, working with triggers, and suggests how the most effective use of our time and awareness is to “get right with ourselves" and how psychedelics and sacred plant medicines can help.

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This episode features a song called "I'm Onto You" by the incredibly talented musician Annie May Willis.



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