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109. Client Spotlight: How Naomi Meredith Used Her Podcast to Retire from Teaching and Take Her Business from Side Hustle to Full Time
Episode 10910th November 2023 • Mama Turned Mompreneur - Work from home moms | Moms in business | Coach for moms • Andria Singletary | Business Coach for Moms, Life Coach for Moms
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Hey, Mama! You know how much I'm a firm believer in using your podcast to generate leads, establish your authority in your niche, and so much more. In today's episode, I interview my client Naomi Meredith about how she used her podcast to retire from teaching and to take her business from a side hustle to full time. Watching Naomi grow as a podcaster and build an incredible business the past year has been nothing short of amazing. Her experience is so encouraging, so I know you're going to gain so much insight from this episode.

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In this episode, you will learn:

  • What led Naomi to pursue entrepreneurship
  • How she balanced running her business while working full time as a STEM teacher
  • How Naomi used her podcast to take her business from a side hustle to full time
  • Opportunities that came to Naomi through her podcast

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