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Adapting to Change and Shifting Perspectives with Beekeeper Ang Roell
Episode 253rd August 2021 • Pixel Therapy Pod • Pixel Therapy Pod
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Sup y'all! August already?! Spencer kicks things off this week by hurling baseless accusations at Jamie for not vocally praising Ratchet and Clank: A Rift Apart enough (which has dimensionated itself right into Spencer's heart and the top of their totally unofficial Games of the Year list), while Jamie shares a peek into Death's Door and the life and times of a soul-reaping crow.

Then we continue the totally unintentional animal friend theme, as apiarist aka BEEKEEPER and co-founder of They Keep Bees, Ang Roell (they/them) joins us in the studio to talk bees, queens, community, and embracing change. Also, someone definitely needs to make a video game about beekeeping - if that someone is you, let's talk!

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"The SUSU commUNITY Farm is a Afro-Indigenous stewarded farm and land-based healing center in Southern Vermont that elevates Vermont’s land and foodways. We do this by co-creating a life-affirming and culturally relevant platform for Black, Indigenous, People of color, youth, under-resourced folx, and allies to thrive and experience safety and connection while beginning to develop the tools and agency to heal from the trauma of colonization."

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