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Top 10 driving test fails - 8. Not responding correctly to traffic signs.
Bonus Episode8th July 2021 • 5 minute theory • TCDrive
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We continue our look at the top 10 reasons people fail their driving test. This is the list complied and released by the DVSA. You can check out the full list here:  In this episode we look at ''Not responding to correctly to traffic signs.' Which is the 8th most common reason people fail a driving test. As always we look at the faults and the potential reasons behind the faults.   So if you're currently studying for the theory test or, preparing for a driving test, this is a key episode to check out. We look at some key exampes such as learners failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, driving in a bus lane and using an incorrect land at a roundaboout. We explain why these would be considered a serious fault on the driving test and look at what may have caused the fault. In most situations, the fault that you fail a test on, is actually the result of something else. Perhaps thinking about the examiner rather than the road, maybe you're feeling peer pressure from other drivers, so ignore a speed sign assuming they're right and you're wrong.  Whatever the initial or eventual fault, if you can think about this and put it into practice on your driving lessons, then you'll be in a much better position when test day arrives.  For more theory test training, check out my theory test course :  You can also sign up to my Facebook group for learners:  Follow us on Facebook:  Twitter:  Instagram: