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How To Work with Bloggers as a Virtual Assistant
Episode 41st December 2021 • Millennial Mom Movement • Amanda Rush Holmes
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If you’ve stumbled across this podcast episode, then you likely realize that blogging isn’t dead. In fact, blogging has turned into a world within itself, now referred to as the influencer space. But being an influencer is a lot more than snapping a mirror selfie and telling the people of Instagram where you bought your top. There is strategy and focus that goes on behind the scenes. Not to mention, the need for constant content creation is very time consuming. Which is exactly why many influencers are in need of help on a regular basis! If you’ve ever wanted to walk alongside an influencer, but not have to get in front of a camera, then this episode is for you. I’m teaching you how to become a virtual assistant to the biggest bloggers and influencers!

We are diving into the tactical skills that you'll need as a virtual assistant to be able to support bloggers and influencers, coupled with my very own tips for how landing the biggest bloggers and influencers as client. If you've wanting to break into this industry, but aren't sure exactly where to start or what you should know in order to succeed, don't worry. After listening to this episode you'll have all the tools you need to go out and tackle those big dreams I know you've been dreaming up!


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