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The E Newsletter Template You Need (To Save You Embarrassing Yourself)
Episode 3922nd July 2020 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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Have you ever realized you’ve made a HUGE mistake in your email after you’ve pressed ‘send’ to your entire audience? This is why you need an e newsletter template.

Most of us have received an email at some point such as Hello [fullname,fallback=]! 

But it can get even worse than that…

Imagine the absolute terror when you realize you totally forgot to update the subject line from last week’s super positive post and instead still had “The most amazing thing happened last week!...”but in this week’s email you are describing how your nan got hit by a bus!?

Yes. These things happen EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

The good news? There is a way to fix this and save major embarrassment, even if you do mess up and hit ‘send’ too early! Here’s how:

(02:17) Free preset templates - help or hindrance?

(05:12) You’re not the only one who has made the mistake of pressing ‘send’ too early. 

(05:53) The first thing to do to set up an email template that won’t embarrass you.

(08:16) What default subject line can you insert that will save you from spontaneous combustion due to sheer humiliation if you forget to change it?

(10:57) How we avoid sending the embarrassing Hello [FIRST NAME} Email.

(11:10) We share an amazing BONUS TIP to help reduce the number of you emails that get sent to people’s spam folders!

(13:11) The default email body copy to have in your templates that’ll save you blushing (or crying…or both)

(15:19) Do you have any default email tips? We’d love to hear about it.

(15:50) We tripled our email open rate with this weeks’ subject line of the week (wait til you hear it!)



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